Let’s focus for now on keeping MAMA at the top. For those who don’t know, Yinyuetai’s V Chart is the single most influential music chart in China.
1. Share the MV on QQ, Sina Weibo, Sohu Weibo, Renren, etc. This requires you to sign up on allof the sites, including Yinyuetai. After sharing, you must watch thevideo at the shared link once for itto count.
To share the MV, please go here ( http:// http://www.yinyuetai.co m/vchart/trends ) and click as shown abovein the picture. The larger circled area will pop out, and you can click on each little button there to share the MV on each site. YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN UP. Feel free to drop me a message if you need help, but I’m trying to get this post out as fast as possible because there are only a few hours left. You can share once perday per account, unlimited per IP address.
http:// http://www.weibo.com/
http:// http://www.yinyuetai.co m/
http:// http://www.renren.com/
http:// http://www.imqq.com/ (International)
[Tutorial] How to Register for Yinyuetai
http:// i-punched-tao.tu mblr.com/post/ 22950752054/ tutorial-how-to- register-for-yi nyuetai-reblog- for
[Tutorial] How to Register for Weibo
http:// http://www.eternalegacy .net/ markfeehily/ weibo/
[Tutorial] How to register for QQ (eng account)
http:// http://www.lostlaowai.c om/expat-life/ expat-basics/ how-get-qq-accou nt-english

2. Comment, download, like the MV (MAMA). You must have a Yinyuetai account to do this. Tutorial for signing up on Yinyuetai here ( http:// i-punched-tao.tu mblr.com/post/ 22950752054/ tutorial-how-to- register-for-yi nyuetai-reblog- for )
Once per account, unlimited per IPaddress. This is important as EXO has quite low scores for this area as well.
Go here ( http:// http://www.yinyuetai.co m/video/389970 ) to comment on MAMA, download it, etc etc as shown in the picture here: http:// http://www.facebook.com / photo.php?fbid=3 58110450915800& set=a.265031750 223671.61755.21 2761028784077&t ype=1 Go, go, go EXO fans!
3. Watch the MV embedded offsite(not directly from Yinyuetai). This is SUPER EASY, NO SIGN UP NEEDED.Simple go here ( http:// page.renren.com/ 600429402/group/ 336783673 ), let the videos play from start to end without muting the actual videos (you can turn your speakers off or mute your computer if you want though). REFRESH the page. Repeast 10 times.
4. Watch the MV on Yinyuetai. Watch MAMA here ( http:// http://www.yinyuetai.co m/video/389970 ). Let it stream all the way, do not skip, do not mute. Refresh after each view, 10 times per IP address per day.
Here is a condensed version on how you can help them win with further details, we don’t really have much time left. Read thoroughly! http:// i-punched-tao.tu mblr.com/post/ 22942297146/ important-conden sed-to-do-list- for-exotics-ton ight

Big thanks to i-punched-tao.


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